Himal Dental Hospital and Institute of Dental Sciences was established in 2003 A.D. with the aim like its name Himal. Himalaya is range, of height and its covers eastern to far western region of Nepal. So Himal Dental Hospital wants to give the quality dental services at optimum height throughout the country to each and every people from Mechi (east) to Mahalali (west). It is a nonprofit non political organization. It is registered and affiliated by Nepal government and ministry of health and population. Its working area is rural people especially to the people, where the modern dental services are not available. The focused groups are the poor, marginalized and destitute people, students from the government school, private school, monk and handicapped children.

A decade of service and dedication has been beneficial to both the service providers as well as service receivers. The past review gives us a clear picture of what we have achieved for ourselves, communities and stakeholders. There have been numerous obstacles on our way to achieve our dreams but with strong organizational structure and management, we have been able to contribute to the community and the nation. Conducting camps and clinics, extending areas and services has not merely our aim of institutional promotion but we have aimed for Quality Oral Health for all.


Total No. of new patient at HDH and its Branches from 2003 to 2012
Year Number of patient
2003 5063
2004 8367
2005 11736
2006 17086
2007 21347
2008 29946
2009 34947
2010 38054
2011 47324
2012 56789